The Holy Grail of Highlighters for Brown Skin

It can be a challenge trying to make certain makeup trends work for brown skin. I am mixed (African American and Caucasian) and have had trouble finding the perfect red lipstick (not too orange), a nude lip color (I’m sorry but I still think this is impossible), and a highlighter that works for my skin color without making me look like I fell face first into a sparkly bag of flour. Continue reading


Bangs or No Bangs?

On the fence about getting bangs? Maybe you’ve considered the look and ultimately decided against it, but you still like the idea of them. Here are some things to consider: Continue reading

Locs of Love

I have a memory that’s so vivid I can practically smell the black top, feel the dirt between my fingers from tetherball, and hear the laughter of children my age. There really wasn’t anything special about that day: I was at recess, it was hot, and I wanted an Otter Pop. My elementary school surroundings became muted to the sad realization that crept into my 8 year old head: “I wish I was white.”

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Gray Hair: At 20 or at 80?

Audrina Patridge is the latest celeb sporting the gray hair-do.  I remember the first time I saw Kelly Osbourne with gray hair on Fashion Police…I had to do a double take. Usually women are trying to dye their hair to hide their gray! The Huffington Post stated in a recent article, “gray hair is beautiful at any age.” This trend is clearly trying to support that statement.


Personally, I’m not sure if I am for or against this trend. I believe gray hair is beautiful but it’s a part of aging, which is a beautiful thing. I’m just not sure if I want to wait until I have gray hair naturally rather than prematurely induce it.  Although when I started googling the gray hair trend I came across thousands of photos.  I liked about 50% of the trendy dyed hair but when I saw the attached photo, I actually considered dying my hair gray.  At least until I realized, that my employer would probably have a heart attack if I did.


I consulted with one of my best friends who is a hair stylist in San Diego, CA and have some recommendations if you are thinking to go gray.

Here are some helpful tips to find the right shade for your skin tone:

  • Lighter skin tones: Need to stick with creamy paler colors like a pale yellow or pure white, both hues will highlight your natural coloring.
  • Medium skin tones: Can play around a bit more of a steel gray or a creamy white. Bright silver tones can also be used as a highlight or low light.
  • Dark skin tones: Stay away from colors with a yellow hue this will wash you out but steel looking grays and the salt and pepper look will looking amazing.

What are your thoughts? Would you be willing to take the plunge?

Lipstick Shades That Look Good on Everyone

It’s kind of a joke between me and my close girlfriends that I am completely incapable of choosing lipstick shades that look good on me. I don’t know what it is, but I have THE hardest time finding something that works for my skin tone.

I am mixed (African American and Caucasian) so I have darker skin. It can be very challenging for me to find tones that don’t look frosty on my skin. These colors have worked perfectly, and I only picked one of them on my own (embarrassing). Continue reading