DIY Chalkboard Candles

I wanted to make something personal for my friend’s wedding and I literally had one afternoon to throw something together.  So I immediately start browsing Michael’s and notice that everything features chalkboard! Continue reading


DIY Gift Bucket Ideas

Last week, my sister decided to make a “Booze Bucket” for her friend’s 21st birthday. She found this idea on Pinterest and we all loved it.  Continue reading

How to Not Stay Down When You’re Down

When life seems less than stellar, it can really bring you down. Sometimes curve balls are thrown at us and we have little-to-no time to react and then BOOM – the damage is done. So how do we proceed? What’s done is done and there’s no turning back time. Get me out of the rut!

There is a wall in front of you, and you know that happiness and contentedness are on the other side.

This wall consists of:

  • Doubt– It’s easy to doubt yourself when things seem impossible and goals seem unreachable
  • Lack of Motivation– It’s easy to lose track of what’s important when you don’t see the good in it
  • Lack of Resources– You feel like you don’t have the money, time, or energy to get what you want


If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.– Mary Pickford

Tearing down the wall:

  • Have some faith– try and stay positive and believe that everything is going to work out, once you start believing then you will see the change
  • Get inspired– find some way to get inspired, whether it’s reading, writing, exercising, talking to a friend or family member. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective.
  • Get creative– when you are lacking in resources, IMPROVISE! How are you spending your time? What is it making you so tired? Find out what it is that is holding you back from what you really want to accomplish and make it happen.

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How to Adult

OK, so, time is moving fast. You were young like last year and now you’re not so young – adulthood is hitting you like a brick wall. Maybe you’re thinking “How did I get here? What now? School did not prepare me for #life, #taxes and what’s a budget?”

The first step into this adulthood transition is recognizing the enemies: Continue reading


I went to a seminar with guest speaker Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, that completely changed my perception on life. Our perception is how we think about or understand someone or something, just in case you need a refresher. Canfield’s speech pointed out one very important concept…VISUALIZATION. Visualization has the power to change our perception and, ultimately, change our lives. He had us do an exercise where we left our feet firmly planted on the ground and see how far we can point our fingers behind us. After looking back to see what we were pointing at, he had us close our eyes and picture our fingers just stretching a little further past the point we had just stretched. To everyone’s amazement, after trying to stretch again we all found ourselves stretching farther than we had the first time.

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Graduate School: Yes or No?

It’s been about two years now since I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree and in the last couple years I can’t even tell you how many times I have thought about graduate school.  It’s something I really want to do but the process is so intimidating! It’s not like undergrad, the application process is much more intense including the GRE and the interviewing process. Currently, I have completed a few grad school applications but am still in the process of completing all my applications. Not only is the process intimidating but there are so many other factors. Where should I apply? How am I going to pay for this? Will I have the time?

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Mirror, Mirror

As most people know, a vast amount of people in our country deal with mental disease surrounding body image. More than 28% of people struggle with obesity, 1% with anorexia, 2% bulimia. Even more of rising epidemic is America’s struggle with body dysmorphic disorder, affecting about 2% of people in the U.S. Sufferers are excessively concerned about appearance, body shape, body size, weight, perceived lack of muscles, facial blemishes, and so forth. In some cases, BDD can lead to steroid abuse, unnecessary plastic surgery, and even suicide. This is the diagnosed amount of people struggling with BDD. However, I believe we all suffer from it, in a sense.
For me, this has been a struggle most of my adult life. When I turned 18 years-old I gained 20 lbs. When I returned from the summer I was criticized and snickered behind for my weight gain. I heard rumors that, “Ashley got fat”, and although I tried to let it roll off my back…I will admit it did hurt. Guys would point out my “big ass”, and ask me where it came from because I was fairly skinny before the new school year began. Yes, at the time it was only 20 lbs heavier, but being a young girl growing into adulthood I didn’t understand why people were so cruel and judgmental of my changing body. Continue reading