7 Workouts to Burn Fat Fast

SO summer is basically HERE. Did you notice? It’s bathing suit season already! Don’t stress too much, there are a few quick workouts you can do from home that ONLY take about 15 minutes and really get your heart rate up!

I did this circuit with my friend and I was sweating more in 15 minutes than I did running on a treadmill for 30.

  1. Squat Jumps

squat jumps

Try to do at least 10 of them, if you can do 15, do it! You don’t need to be elevated like this either, but it does make it harder and forces you to squat low!





2. Toe Touches


You can stack a couple of books so you know how high to move those feet up! Try to jump for 1 minute straight before moving onto the next workout!





3. Reverse Lunches

reverse lunges

You don’t have to use weights but every little extra effort helps! Try to do 10 reps on each leg.






4. Single Leg Dead Lifts
Leg Lifts

Try to do 10 reps on each leg! If you can do more, do more! Always.





5. 30 Second Plank

Do this for ^ 20 seconds….just kidding – 30 seconds!Planks






6. Mountain Climbers

Oh yes, these too. 15 on each leg for that summer body!
Mountain Climbers







7. Burpees


What is a circuit without burpees? NOTHING. That’s what! Now drop and give me 10! ( Literally)








Do this complete circuit twice, if you can go to 3, than by all means be my guest! Summer body, here we come!


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