DIY Chalkboard Candles

I wanted to make something personal for my friend’s wedding and I literally had one afternoon to throw something together.  So I immediately start browsing Michael’s and notice that everything features chalkboard!Chalkboard labels, candles, signs, and actual chalkboards. I fell in love with the candle idea so I bought…

-2 candles (for the bride & groom)

– chalkboard spray paint

-chalk (of course)

– a cute basket for display

– wooden dowels

-Mini wooden letters (for decoration)

On a mission, I hurried home to put my plan into action.

Step 1:  I sprayed chalkboard paint all over those candles right on the glass and left them outside to dry for approximately 20 mins (they were large candles).

painted candle

Step 2: While I was waiting for my candles to dry, I pulled out the wooden dowel I had just purchased along with two letters and an ampersand. I hot glue-gunned the letters to the top of the dowel.


Step 3: Once my candles were dry, I wrote the names of my good friends on the candles along with their wedding date on the lids, and placed everything in a cute little basket for display.

Finished Project

My only regret is that I didn’t buy a ribbon or some yarn to tie around the tops of the candles, but overall I was pleased with the outcome 🙂

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