DIY Gift Bucket Ideas

Last week, my sister decided to make a “Booze Bucket” for her friend’s 21st birthday. She found this idea on Pinterest and we all loved it. The gift bucket didn’t take too long to put together, it was fun to make, and (most importantly) it was affordable!

The Essentials:                                                                       Optional: 

-A bucket                                                                                     -Glitter

– Styrofoam cut out                                                                 -Mod Podge

-Wooden number cut outs                                                     -Rhinestones

-Wooden dowels

-Spray paint/regular paint

-Hot glue gun

Step 1:  Spray paint your bucket if you want it to have some color and be able to personalize it.painted bucket

Step 2: While you are waiting for your bucket to dry. Use Mod Podge to decorate your mini alcohol bottles with glitter. If you are not using mini alcohol bottles and your bucket has a different theme use this time to hot glue gun your small gifts (IE: candy, snacks, other decorative ideas, etc.) onto the wooden dowels.

not glitter bottles


glitter bottles

Step 3: Paint the wooden numbers a different color to make them POP out of your bucket.

painted 21

Step 4: Once your bucket is dry, place the styrofoam cut out inside the bucket so that you can stick the wooden dowels through the styrofoam to be held upright in the bucket.

Step 5: Insert all your goodies into the bucket! We added rhinestones to the front with the birthday girl’s initial, but you can decorate the bucket however you like!

finished project

That’s it! Really simple and fun 🙂


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